Saturday, August 7, 2010

Woodstock and a guy called Timo

I thought most lawyers in the city were super-focused on their careers. I then met Timo - a really intelligent lawyer who was fun and who listened to his music in his firm while doing his work, causing partners to tell him that he was not at Woodstock. He had lovely curls, he just did not look like your typical corporate/finance lawyer. He looked like a trendy arty type who as really at home liming in a bar in Shoreditch. I thought he was a musician. He was at a top international law firm, still quite young, with a very fresh outlook on life. And he was just going for it in life, being himself, giving everything his best, with a great sense of humour - he was real, down-to-earth and knew what he was about. He made me sit up and re-align my sometime inaccurate generalisations of lawyers in the city. I am glad I met him - just proves time and time again how sometimes we can get it wrong with easy-to-make (and easy-to-hold on-to)generalisations.

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