Thursday, August 26, 2010

I dey good

It has been wet, wet, wet in Londres. I was in such a good mood after work this evening though, humming the song "Majesty" by Delirious as I was leaving the office and after having chatted with Miriam, who has promised to teach me some French and possibly Malinke, the language she speaks in Ivory Coast. The words, "forever I am changed by your love, in the presence of your majesty, your grace has found me just as I am, empty handed but alive in your hands, the greatest love of all is mine" resonated within me. I felt light, at peace. A bus sped by and in the process sprayed water on my trousers - I was wet from the knees down on my right side. But it was all cool. I got splashed again by a car when I was near my home. My shoes were wet too. But it was good. I had been not as at peace in the morning thinking about how London can sometimes get just a little too busy. And did I mention the group of guys who came up to me on the underground on my way home, one guy with a hip hop swagger and the other who stood in front of me, did a body roll (like what you'd do when you are "street-locking") and then walked off. Funny. Oh and they were South Asians - isn't hip hop so international? *Wink.

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