Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank you Father for accompanying me to work today...

I was sitting down in the train and got out my Bible to read. I noticed the guy sitting opposite me was also reading the Bible. It was funny - we were sitting in the same position, reading the same thing, directly opposite each other. I looked closely at him- I knew him. He was from my church and lived in the same area. It felt like such a blessing travelling into work feeling wrapped in God's presence and love. It just filled my heart with a wonderful feeling and there was a great feeling of peace, security and joy. The whole carriage we were sitting in just felt different as it normally does on other days. We chatted as we embarked, enquired after common friends and wished each other good weeks as we went our separate ways. It put a smile on my face. It was nice seeing God being so real in the lives around me (and in my own life) and being reminded of His love for all of us and how He is with us in everything we do. God can be in everything I do (from work to play to simply chilling out) if I let really, I should do everything onto him, with a heart of gladness...:) I can worship Him through anything and everything I do. Something for me maybe to think about and act on on a constant basis.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Medasi Nyame...

She felt so grateful to God. It was so beautiful to be able to pray with and for family, it was such a blessing and privilege to be used by God to bless her family.

Cultural diversity

I got prayed for in Korean, Cantonese, Portuguese and Thai as I visited my church "small groups" in my area and hung out with church friends in the last couple of amazing is that?! Different cultures (but all connected through and in God :))brought to my doorstep without me having to hop on a plane...thank you Father. God transcends languages and cultures - with him anything and everything is possible. And the cultural diversity in our world is His creation, to be enjoyed by us all.

Happy heart

Found on the box of the Clinique Happy Heart perfume:

a wealth of flowers
a hint of warmth
a deepening of emotions
wear it and have
a happy heart

Nice. :)