Monday, November 9, 2009

Knowing Him

I heard a message in church a couple of Sundays ago and it has since revolutionised my way of thinking. I had not realised I was not really focusing on God all this while, I was not focusing on getting to know him as a person or getting to know his characteristics. I am now on a conscious journey of getting to know God as a person, it is I think akin to the process of getting to know a best friend or life partner. And he amazes me more and more the more I get to know him.

He is good, always does what is right, he leads with unfailing love and faithfulness, he is a friend to those who fear him and he shows us the path, he leads the humble in doing right, teaching them his way. He is our glorious eternal King.

With such a father and best friend and king, what is there to fear in life? Our lives are provided for, our needs are met beyond our wildest dreams, he only gives us the best. Everything is in his hands, we have worry free lives. All we have to do is trust in him, and knowing what he is about/his characteristics, there is no reason not to. Thank you Abba.