Thursday, January 27, 2011

sweet little moments in life...

the sweet little moments in life are the best I think...

my morning catch up with my cute cuddly neighbour as we walk together for a bit on the way to work..he lets me do all the talking and I do it at full speed as we don't walk together for long before we go in different directions..

my beautiful workmate who brings in taro boiled by her mother the night before for the both of us...

a stranger named Gerry who shows me the way to the cupcake shop where I have an evening date with a girlfriend who also recommends another cupcake shop called Lola's in Selfridges...she is so smiley, warm and down-to-earth.

friends Alice and Marie who tell me in glee about really small cosy cinemas Aubin in Bethnal Green and Every Man in Baker Street where you get large comfy seats, your table and a bar in the cinema...:) sounds awesome.

praying on the sofa in my flat with two beautiful girlfriends at the start of the year, thanking God for an amazing year and that we bring change to the world we live in, meet the needs of deprived areas in our community.

my old boss who says he was thinking of me last week and was wondering how I was doing and suggests catching up over a glass of wine - it is nice to be thought of.

my current director who tells me to chill out and just have fun, as I tell him I want to learn some on one from him. :)

praying with a girlfriend in a cupcake shop for her to pursue her dream of joining the UN.

sleeping in my beautiful warm silk nightdress lovingly brought back by my girlfriend from Shanghai while she was there over Christmas.

enjoying local Malay food with a beautiful friend while she tells me about the amazing "mission" trip to Thailand she has just been on, saying grace with her before eating.

dancing to the song Tightrope in a hip hop class with a cool teacher, Bradley, who goes into the moves so patiently and with such precision like no other teacher I have had before. and we all learn to bounce and shake our shoulders. so liberating and fun.

a text from friends saying I am their champions despite me failing to obtain the desired outcome.

being called cheeky by my beautiful Spanish girlfriend. I love her. I love being loved by her.

God showing me He has great plans for me and he will reward my faith in Him - that he will help my conquer the giants in my life, as he helped Caleb.

my Mama telling me to start up a burger stall (I think it is because I love to cook) when I tell law can be tough. I love her.

my close friend's mum who prays for me before I make any major decisions/take an exam/go on holiday - her words always ring true. God is always with me no matter where I go, whichever part of the world I am in. He never leaves me. It is beautiful.

a friend calling me to share her pain as her mother is critically ill - that is somewhat a bit of a bitter sweet moment. but I know God is her with her and her mother and His plans rule above everything else.

staying up late chatting to my younger cousin about "boy issues". boys puzzle girls of all ages. :)

friends gently and holding my hands and praying for me at the dinner table as I returned from the slopes with a cut lip that had to be sewn back (and has since completely healed).

sweet moments. life is good. God is great. I love him. Medasi Nyame.