Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Soul Magnifies The Lord

Words from a couple of Chris Tomlin's songs :)

Come and worship
Do not be afraid

My soul magnifies the Lord
He has done great things for (in) me

His goodness knows no ends
He establishes with his righteousness
His name shall be
Wonderful Counsellor
Everlasting Father

Love so amazing
Jesus Messiah
Name above all names
Blessed redeemer
The rescue for sinners
The ransom from heaven
Jesus Messiah
Lord of all

All our hope is in you
All glory to you
The light of the world

On a separate note, a new single titled "Nothing On You" by Bob (featuring Bruno Mars) is a pretty cool song, reminds me of good party times/days in Accra at The Rhap, Champs, Tantra - what a chilled out season in my life. I loved it- taught me so much. And such lovely weather, food and lifestyle. Beautiful people too. Medasi Nyame.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My hood....:)

I love living in this area.
I love the fact I have friends who wake me up on a beautiful morning to borrow a tennis racket, who keep me enthralled by the conversations on God and life we have until the early hours of the morning, who swing by after a party to show me what they wore and tell me all about it, who come and pray for me at a moment's notice often without me asking/telling them what is on my mind and who keep me street by calling me K-dog. :)
I just love doing life with all this amazing and fun people. I love seeing God in all these people, I love seeing God in this area. I love feeling my Father's presence in my hood. And I believe it's going to get even more supernatural. :) And I believe God has placed me and all the others in the neighbourhood for a reason, for such a time as this. :)I know it sounds cliche, but I totally believe this. We are/are so going to be the new flavour of the neighbourhood - salty and all.
Have a great weekend.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Way I Was Made

Words from the song "The Way I Was Made" by Chris Tomlin:

"I want to live like there's no tomorrow
I want to dance like no one's around
I want to sing like nobody's listening
Before I lay my body down
I want to give like I have many
I want to love like I am not afraid
I want to be the man I was meant to be
I want to be the way I was made"

"Made with your hands
Made to discover who you are
And who I am"

"All who are forgotten
Help me find
All of your promise
Let it be in my life"

Sweeping light versus flashlight

From a write-up on Spotify about Chris Tomlin, Christian songwriter/singer:

"When I write songs, I try to write in a way to reach as many people as I can, to be a lighthouse versus a flashlight. A sweeping light that sweeps over a lot of people, versus a flashlight that's very focused. I pray that. Only God can do that."

Quite profound. Chris has great vision and dreams big.Inspiring.