Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cute kiddos in a Malaysian airport..

I was waiting in Coffee Bean at LCCT (airport for low-cost airlines in KL) for my uncle. A little boy (around age 6) tries to enter the cafe but finds the door I am sitting opposite stiff. One of the airport staff helps him open the door. He lingers by a table opposite me and then draws a chair and sits on it. The cafe was playing a few catchy tunes. The kid then starts grooving to a Beyonce song - moving his shoulders and neck - pretty slick moves for a six-year-old while looking at me. I get a little paranoid trying to see if he is accompanied by parents or is up to some mischief.

A pretty little girl then comes through the door. She looks at him, then at me. She comes to my table and stands by my bags,looks at them and turns her big eyes towards me. I am trying to figure all this out (maybe they thought I was running away from home and thought I was lonely?) - or were the kids genuinely drawn to me (you know like kids being drawn to Jesus :)) or were they up to something? They then got a bit bored with me as I sat with a puzzled look but did not say anything. The boy then leaves, soon followed by the girl whom I think was his sister. They go to a family sitting nearby on the chairs outside. A man whom I would guess is the dad looks towards me in a bemused manner. The whole family then walks off.

I found the whole episode quite funny and a little unusual. Malaysian kids aren't usually that friendly towards strangers nor are parents that willing to let their children wander off that far unaccompanied. Maybe they were from a neighbouring country. The boy's dance moves still make me laugh when I think about him. But maybe the moves only come second to a boy who is around six years old and in the habit of somersaulting in our church foyer towards a friend of mine and ends the somersault by telling her his five-year old best friend fancies her and would like to marry her. She is in her twenties. Kids are cute and intriguing....and fun!