Thursday, April 23, 2009

An awesome week of partying...:)

My lao ban told a common contact that I was now back at the grindstone, head down, after a week of partying in Nigeria. I took me a while to realise he was right, I did have a super awesome time partying in Benin City, Abuja and Lagos. I got into Benin City on Easter Sunday and caught up with my close girlfriend's family. I started my Nigerian experience by boogeying to D'banj, the Kokomaster, P-Square and Rugged Man, trying to learn the latest moves from four gorgeous youngsters. The partying then continued in Abuja, where I was treated to jazz music from Sykes and Sam, which simply blew me away. They were amazing. I had so much fun. There was more partying in Lagos, chilling out with fun people and more boogeying with the same youngsters we saw in Benin City and another chance to perfect my moves. We were dancing in the car until it dropped us off at the airport. A friend in a nearby car actually saw us boogeying in the car, and he kind of did a double take, he looked at one of the youngsters and then looked at me in somewhat disbelief. But it gave me and my close gal pal a chance to spot him, get out of our car and exchange goodbyes with him. Little did my lao ban know that the partying continued in Accra over the weekend with boogeying to some cool highlife and dirty hip hop, with cool, cool people. Uwese-o, everyone, for such an awesome time! My partying days may have just returned and may be here to stay...:)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Enye nyame dzen/memories I will take with me..

Nothing is too difficult for God/enye nyame dzen (in twi) - seen on a tro tro in Accra.

"I am nothing without God. This is my story, this is my song, to give Him praise, all the days of my life." Words from the Methodist hymn book I used during my first visit to Ridge church in Accra (a great church to be part of).

On a separate note, I love the diversity of churches in Ghana - the different styles, languages - but all worshipping God. I was in Brennu Achim, a couple of weekends ago. I attended a Catholic church, the service was conducted in Fante. A few weekends ago, I went to an amazing Pentecostal church in Gboolo Kofi, a village in the Eastern region, near Mangoase. The message and worship were simply amazing. Church that day taught me to be so grateful for everything I had and to praise God with all my heart (through dance, songs and just praising Him aloud). It also drove home the importance of having a mission and vision. And back to my "home" church, Ridge church - the bible study during the youth fellowship on Sunday afternoons is so so sound. I learn so much each time I go there and the people there are kool! And ICGC, which I attended today is full of so so talented people!! Their Dramatic Arts performers (Spirit) totally rock!! Ghana, thank you for all this - great exposure, great opportunity to meet new people and form new friendships and awesome opportunity to grow.