Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh, this is good chaley.....

Oh, this is so good, eating akomfem (guinea fowl) and sipping a Golden Spark with the waves splashing against the rocks and then heading a few steps away for a little boogey with my workmates at the Osekan sea front (there's even a bar tucked away under/as part of a rather big rock - kool or what?!)....perfect, perfect way to wind down at the end of the week. Puts life into perspective. There's just so much to be enjoyed and be thankful for in life. Medasi, medasi!! Tuhan, saya cinta kamu. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

No hand holding for you, young girl!

I was told this by my "lao ban" last week. By nature, I've always liked my hand to be held, I've always preferred being in a secure and safe environment (even as I leave my twenties!!). But I am realising more and more each day, that my hand is gently held by the creator of the universe every moment of my life. But His touch feels so gentle that I sometimes forget He's there...but He is, all the time.

Medasi Oga!

I had woken up late, so was initially not too worried when my usual cab driver had not arrived at the usual time. I took my time with breakfast before realising I was getting late for work. I called the driver to only find out he was "dissappointing me". I strolled outside and found a cab waiting for another guest of the guest house. The driver, Eddie, said he could take me to work as his customer, "Oga" was not ready yet. He said "Oga" was a really nice and cool guy, and was in the country to instal telecoms towers. Eddie got me to work in no time. When he dropped me off, he said I should hang out with the "boys" in the guest house sometime and check out the music bars in Osu. I said I would think about it. I said medasi Eddie, and in my head, said medasi "Oga" for letting me share Eddie this morning. I agree with Eddie "Oga", you are one kool guy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

People connect in the same way on different continents...

I have always thought sharing food with people brings you closer together...I have always felt that in London, and Malaysia (my two homes to date) and sharing kenkey with my workmates in Accra for the first time a couple of weeks ago confirmed that for me. I think it is a great way of bonding with people.

I also think spending time with a person' s family also brings you a lot closer to the person. My friends in Penang (where I grew up) whom I am still close to know my parents well (and likewise, I know their families). I spent Independence Day with my workmates and some of their families - it was a great way to beautiful Akosombo.

Young global citizen....

Meet Luke, a gorgeous blonde-haired blue-eyed three year-old boy, born to a beautiful Puerto Rican mum and German dad who met in London and now live in Accra. In addition to understanding and speaking Spanish and German, Luke speaks like a proper Ghanaian boy too! Chale, isn't that kool?! I de go sleep. Moro.